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Ben Littlejohn III, MD

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Pediatrics care at the office of Ben Littlejohn III, MD, is all about peak health for your child. As an experienced and skilled family physician, Dr. Littlejohn has a long history of caring for children from the age of 2 years old. You can rely on him for well-child care, vaccinations, and urgent care for injuries, ear infections, strep throat, and all other childhood illnesses and challenges. Call the Emeryville, California, office or schedule an appointment online for the best in pediatrics care.

Pediatrics Q & A

How often should my child get pediatrics care?

Each child has differing needs, so Dr. Littlejohn can recommend a pediatrics care schedule for your child’s individual circumstances. In most cases, healthy children should see their pediatrics care provider at least once a year for a checkup. 

Dr. Littlejohn is also here for all your child’s illnesses and injuries on an as-needed basis. Same-day appointments are usually available when your child needs urgent care. 

What does pediatrics care include?

Dr. Littlejohn offers comprehensive pediatric care, including: 

Well-child care

Well-child care occurs when your child is healthy. Well-child exams include yearly physicals and preventive health screenings, along with other care that’s aimed at preventing illness and disease. 


Vaccinations are shots that protect your child against diseases like influenza, hepatitis, tetanus, measles, HPV, and many others. Dr. Littlejohn schedules your child’s vaccinations according to their age, health, and CDC recommendations. 

Surgical evaluations

If your child needs surgery for ear problems or another issue, Dr. Littlejohn performs a surgical evaluation to make the appropriate medical recommendations. 

Treatment for acute conditions and injuries 

Children can experience a number of illnesses and injuries as they grow up, and Dr. Littlejohn is ready to handle all your child’s acute care needs. When your child has strep throat, ear infections, lacerations, croup, pink eye, fever, or other childhood problems, Dr. Littlejohn can help. 

Pediatrics care with Dr. Littlejohn covers everything that children need throughout their childhood years. 

What age should I start pediatrics care for my child?

Dr. Littlejohn welcomes children ages 2 and up. Establishing your child as a patient when they’re young means that your child can grow up knowing and trusting their care providers.

Dr. Littlejohn understands your child’s medical needs and history well, so you can relax and feel secure that your child gets the very best care possible. 

Pediatrics visits are a comfortable experience instead of a scary one for your child — and that makes life much easier for you as a parent, too! 

For the best in pediatric care, call the office of Ben Littlejohn III, MD, or book an appointment online today.