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Minor injuries can occur even when you’re being very careful, so it’s important to have an expert on hand when you run into trouble. At the Emeryville, California, office of Ben Littlejohn III, MD, you can get immediate care for all types of minor injuries, including burns, lacerations, and sprains. Call the office or click the online scheduling tool for help now. Same-day appointments are usually available.

Minor Injuries Q & A

When does a minor injury require treatment?

If you have a minor injury and don’t recover within a short period of time, it’s best to book an appointment with Dr. Littlejohn. 

If an injury is very mild, like a slight ankle sprain, it may resolve with just a period of rest at home. But any injury that persists or is intensely painful needs professional care right away. 

What are some common minor injuries?

Dr. Littlejohn treats all types of minor injuries, including common issues such as: 

Minor eye injuries

If you have a problem like badly swollen eyelids, intensely red or bloodshot eyes, eye drainage after an accident, or a condition like pink eye, Dr. Littlejohn can assess the damage and prescribe treatment to ease your symptoms. 


When you have a burn, it can be quite painful. Even worse, it can cause lasting damage to your skin if you don’t get treatment. Dr. Littlejohn can protect your burned skin as it heals while also relieving your symptoms. 


If a laceration is big enough to cause any significant amount of bleeding or it’s deep enough to involve several layers of skin, you need professional care. Dr. Littlejohn can clean the affected area, position your skin for optimal healing, and even perform minor surgery to reconnect the skin. 


A sprain is an extremely common ligament injury. It can happen when you overstretch your ankle, knee, wrist, or other joints connected to ligaments. In many cases, sprains are sports injuries, but you can sprain your ankle when you lose your footing or in other ways just as easily. 

You can also experience other minor injuries like muscle strains and animal bites. Dr. Littlejohn can treat virtually all types of minor injuries. 

How do I take care of minor injuries at home?

After your treatment, Dr. Littlejohn gives you guidelines for a fast and safe recovery. This generally involves keeping wounds clean, not bearing weight on an injury for a specified period of time, and taking medication if needed. 

Ben Littlejohn III, MD, has your whole family covered for minor injury care. Same-day appointments are usually available, so call the office or book an appointment using the online scheduling tool.